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It is our belief that being a successful Financial Consultant entails more than just sales figures. We believe strongly that the continuity and longevity of our business is founded on providing good advice to our clients and therefore ensuring a constant stream of new business through referrals. Many of our Agency Leaders and Financial Consultants consistently qualify for both Prudential and industry awards.

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Heng Shuhui

SP is a place where people with determination, tenacity and compassion come together. There is plenty of space for growth within the SP family where support and the most forthcoming sharing goes around to ensure everyone learn and progress together.

Heng Shuhui Strategic Partners Prudential Insurance Agency

Ilyani Binte Ali

I never thought I will be in an industry that requires me to be in the front line communicating and serving people in financial matters. I was a meek and quiet person when I first joined SP at age 19 as a secretary before I took the leap of faith to become a Financial Consultant . I was totally blown away by the nurturing family environment within SP. People in SP are always there to give a helping hand to each other, motivating and giving you a nudge to move forward. I have been able to tap on the wealth of knowledge and skills possessed by fellow colleagues in SP; cross –pollinate ideas and benefit from each other’s positive energy.

Janna Chay

Being a working mother, I play many roles in life and often a multi-tasker. It is important to me that I manage my time well so that I can enjoy work, family time as well as have time for self care. I’m glad to be in an organisation like Strategic Partners where I get to meet people from all walks of life and seniors who have walked the path before me giving me valuable advice, crafting me to who I am today.

Leena Strategic Partners Prudential Insurance Agency

Leena Nguyen

Being a foreigner working as a Financial Consultant in Singapore is not easy. Thankfully I am in an organisation like SP where there is proper training structure and support to help Financial Consultants excel in all aspects of their life. With a strong group supporting me, I am able to assist and help thousands of Vietnamese like myself in Singapore with their financial planning and to protect their families since 2016. I have since built a strong community within the Vietnamese people staying in Singapore and I am thankful for the trust they have placed in me.

“If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.”

Paul Leong

Joining SP as a Year 2 SMU undergrad gave me the opportunity to have a preview of this career before making a decision upon graduation. Being in an organization like SP, I got to know many seniors who were willing to help and guide me along my career and share their experiences. This has helped me to shorten my learning curve and overcome obstacles along the way.

Paul Leong 20211 Strategic Partners Prudential Insurance Agency
Renee Strategic Partners Prudential Insurance Agency

Renee Tay

When I first joined SP, I benefited greatly from its robust training system. I picked up many things quickly from the various Agency Leaders who took time and effort to train us on the different aspects of Financial Planning. It allowed me to be competent quickly to help people around me with proper planning. What I also enjoyed was the family oriented culture we have. SP never fails to celebrate our achievements through our annual D&D and also togetherness through our annual Sports Day. SP has truly made my Financial Consultant journey a fruitful and enjoyable one.

Tan Liping

SP has created many platforms for me to learn from veteran consultants and adopt good business practices during the early days of my career. This is definitely crucial to Consultants new to this industry. Glad to be part of this big family.

Tan LiPing Strategic Partners Prudential Insurance Agency